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Introducing the
Hungarian Association of Military Science


Objectives and Operation of MHTT

The Hungarian Association of Military Science (MHTT) was founded in 1990 by respectable military scientists with the goal of bringing together the activities of experts of the discipline. The aims of MHTT are to promote the development of Hungarian military science, to represent the interests of its members, and to embrace the intellectual heritage of the Military Science Commission founded in 1883 by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Objectives of MHTT

MHTT has set its objectives as

  • providing a common platform for the activities of citizens interested in and dealing with military science or other related disciplines in an academic approach,
  • assisting to put scientific findings into practice,
  • providing scientific trainings for its member
  • providing a forum for the Hungarian military science to publish its achievements.

Activities of MHTT

To achieve its aims the Society performs the following activities:

    • organizes congresses, conferences, scientific debates, and social gatherings,
    • organizes presentations, exhibitions, and briefings of scientific literature,
    • contributes to the elaboration of research, development and training worksheets of military science,
    • assists young professionals in their careers, provides them with opportunities and forums to publish their academic achievements,
    • through its sections, builds up good relations with the military industry and contributes to the practical application of academic achievements,
    • is involved in processing the history of the Hungarian military industry, contributes to preserving its traditions and technological legacy,
    • provides its members with a publishing opportunity through its periodical called Hadtudomány (Military Science) and also contributes to the publishing of other scientific papers,
    • upon request, prepares advice for public and non-governmental organizations,
    • organizes professional training, domestic and foreign studies,
    • as a recognition of excellence in academic activity, annually awards the Tanárky Sándor Prize,
    • invites entries for scientific competitions and rewards the worthy, as well as assists its members in other scientific competitions,
    • builds up and maintains good relations with public and non-governmental organizations, and other science institutions and associations,
    • establishes and maintains good relations with foreign associations in the field of military science,
    • upon request from private or public companies, carries out remunerated work in its field of expertise.

Operation of MHTT

MHTT is a chartered non-governmental organization operating independently from public organizations, political parties, movements and any other political alignments. The main body of the Association is the Board of Delegates. The Board of Delegates elects the Chairman of the Board, the Vice Chairman, and the five Deputy Chairpersons (the Executive Committee), the Supervisory Board, and the Ethics Committee every three years. The Board of Trustees consists of the members of the Executive Committee and the chairmen of the organizational units (sections, regional branches, and clubs). The Board of Trustees manages the day-to-day operation of the Association between sessions of the Board of Delegates. The Chairman of the Board, the Vice Chairman, and the Deputy Chairpersons may employ advisory groups to carry out their duties.



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